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CurbedWire: Biscuit Company Garden Check, Palihouse Dangles Monthly...Deal?

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DOWNTOWN: We caught a glimpse of that Biscuit Company and Toy Lofts community garden when it first launched in late March/early April, and can now provide an updated photo of all those sweet cucumbers and garlic. It looks like residents have also adopted a name for their garden. Which is indecipherable. UPDATE: It says "Community Garden." Hah. [Curbed Staff]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: While there have been some questions about what's going on with the under-construction and yet to open Palihouse aka that red big extended living hotel in Hollywood, here's some news regarding the Palihouse in WeHo. The lodge just sent out an email noting that there's a special going on in terms of extended stays: You can now stay/live at Palihouse for $4,500 month. Party on, rock stars. [Curbed InBox]