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New Heights for Venice Eric Owen Moss Project

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[Image via developer Valley Heart Group LLC]
Holy green density, Batman! Continuing with the run of architect Eric Owen Moss news, The Argonaut is reporting that some Venice neighbors are concerned about a proposed Moss-designed project slated for 1020 Venice (the SW corner of Lincoln and Venice boulevards and kitty-corner to Kanner Architect's under-construction apartment project). While this corner has been empty for some time and the Moss project has green features like solar panels (seen on the south side and roof of the building), the Argonaut finds that residents are worried about the project's 65-foot height, which is more than double what is allowed under the Venice Community Specific Plan's height of 30 feet. "Community members note that many Venice residents were involved in creating the Specific Plan and say that its requirements need to be respected...Resident Laura Silagi also spoke of the Specific Plan challenge, saying 'Developers are constantly coming in to Venice and asking for more than is allowed so the community has to fight the same fight over and over again.'" Advocates for the project are pushing the "but-it's-close-to-transportation angle." Meanwhile, another development team is behind a planned Eric Owen Moss tower at Jefferson and La Cienega. That project hopes to take advantage of the forthcoming Expo Line rail.
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