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Rent Check: Seventy46 In Hollywood

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Checking in once again on Seventy46 in Hollywood, we found something very curious in the latest listings for units in the former Hollywood Professional Building. According to the listing, the building was "completed in 1925 by the architect John Lautner." While Lautner had his offices in that building (along with Ronald Reagan's presidential SAG office), the architect would have had to be a child prodigy to have designed this building. Lautner, born in 1911, was just 14 when the Hollywood Professional Building was erected. Why do we always feel betrayed when brokers lie? We just set ourselves up for disappointment. Kind of like how each time Spiedi quits "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" we think they'll actually leave. When will we learn? This two bedroom, two bath non-Lautner apartment is available for $2,430/month with just a $500 deposit.
· $2430 / 2br - Unit #205, awesome two bedroom [Craigslist]