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Everyone Weighing on Venice's Proposed Parking Zones

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It's a little hard to tell if the fliers seen in Venice are pro-parking restrictions or anti-parking restrictions (the flier does note "that parking restrictions will make our neighborhoods safer"), but either way, the fliers are being passed around this week by some anonymous person, reports Yo Venice. Meanwhile, we spotted about 15 RVs on just one block-- 3rd Street between Rose and Sunset--last Sunday morning. But the RVs may not belong to the "unfortunate and the mentally ill," and drug dealers and prostitutes, as the Weekly puts it: Venice friends tell us that number of RVs always spike in the summer in Venice (likely it's an annual migration: the sort of "hippie-travel-to-India-every-winter contingent"). The Weekly reports a hearing will be held on June 11th, and it's widely expected that the five proposed permit parking zones will be approved by the Coastal Commission.
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