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Ask Curbed: Will My Building Poison Me?

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Someone who wants to know more about Proposition 65, that California law that says a warning label must appear if there's a possibility that there are substances on the Prop 65 list of hazardous materials. Tasty. But how to help her judge how poisonous her building is? Writes a reader: "I have a question regarding asbestos in old buildings. We are looking at an apartment that is for rent in Burbank next to a studio. It looks like it was built in the 20s or 30s, and there is a sign above the entrance that says that the building is known to contain materials that are harmful and can cause birth defects (I am assuming asbestos). How much of a concern is this? Are most of the older buildings in LA filled with asbestos? I obviously don't want to move into a building that is going to give me mesothilioma in 30 years." [ Via flickr user Swatki ]