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CurbedWire: Venice Green House, 6200 Blvd Chatter

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VENICE: A green seminar PLUS a way to ogle/critique a home on the market. Via the Inbox, comes news of an "educational afternoon at the LEED certified Platinum Green Home at 805 Marco Place in Venice . This home, listed by Partner/Agent Jerry Jaffe—of the architecture and design focused real estate firm, deasy/penner&partners, will be open to the public on June 13th from 2-5pm. This event will include a self guided tour of sustainable features in the home with local green builders and experts on hand to answer questions. At the event there will be valuable tips to green your home, and demonstrations of simple DIY projects easy and inexpensive to implement right away. It will be an educational opportunity for both homeowners and renters." More photos via the web site.

HOLLYWOOD: We heard second half of 2009, but maybe someone knows something we don't about that big mixed-use 6200 Blvd project. "Hey...just curious if you've heard anything. I heard from a friend who works for a big big developer (not the blvd. 6200 developer) that they were breaking ground at end of july/beginning of august." [Curbed InBox]