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Puppets Trump Public

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There's more on the crazy showdown at yesterday's City Council meeting. According to the Los Angeles Times' Bob Pool, part of the drama ensued after City Council members enjoyed a marionette puppet show (the Bob Baker Marionette Theater in downtown was up for historic-cultural landmark designation, which it ultimately received) during the meeting. (And it sounds like the puppet show was quite a belly buster: "Councilwoman Janice Hahn "said no one is pulling her strings"' during the performance). But after the puppets had danced on the desks of the city council members, the La Brea and Willoughby project came up for discussion, and the opposition wasn't initially allowed to speak, which caused the "old codger" ejection mentioned yesterday. Via the paper: "Police escorted a shouting Melrose Neighborhood Assn. member, Stephen Buscaino, from the speaker's stand as Pinocchio, Calvin and Fluffy wrapped up their council performance. 'They're more interested in seeing a puppet show than allowing people to have a say in what is done in their neighborhood," Buscaino said of officials afterward.'' [LA Times]