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Jerry Rubin Out At Treesavers

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Big news out of Santa Monica: The Daily Press is reporting that Jerry Rubin has decided to step down from the Treesavers Organization two years after he formed the group. The public face of the group, Rubin was arrested last year after the city cut down dozens of ficus trees around the city. While recently enacted rules dictate that not one Treesaver member can publicly speak out on behalf of the group without a member-wide vote, Rubin (who had an unsuccessful run for City Council last fall), says he is leaving for other reasons. "Rubin said his decision to leave is not based on the restructuring of the group, but rather a desire to work more cooperatively with city officials, in particular Community Forester Walt Warriner, who has been a target of criticism by many of the Treesavers. His wife, Marissa Rubin, has also resigned. While the Ocean Park resident said the organization will hold a special place in his heart, he was tiring of the name calling against several city officials and suspicion of their every step." And Rubin's work on behalf of the trees will continue, according to the paper, which reports that Rubin plans to "ask the City Council to establish a tree hugging day in Santa Monica." Before they're mobbed, we'd just like the trees to be able weigh in on that proposal. [ Image via the Treesavers blog [SMDP]