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Tuna Pizza Scandal's Latest

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The always-exciting Tuna Pizza scandal, in which developer Randy Wang alleges that he was forced to hand over cash bribes (in paper bags, no less) to Temple City politicians in order for his project to go forward, seems to have claimed its first victim, reports the Pasadena Star-News. City Councilman David Capra has resigned after pleading guilty to one count of failing to report a campaign contribution of $1,000. "However, as a condition of his plea, no additional charges will be filed against him in that case, said David Demerjian, head of the District Attorney's Public Integrity Division. "'What you've got there is a plea agreement in which he admits to lesser conduct when facing allegations of greater conduct,"'" Demerjian said." An attorney for Wang tells the paper that "Capra's plea deal 'ties with some of our evidence.'" The Mayor and an ex-mayor also have been named by Wang. [PSN]