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Curbed Wire: Echo Park Loses A Street, Hollywood Construction Report

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ECHO PARK: The Los Angeles Unified School District wins again. The city had been holding off on allowing the vacation of Marathon Street by requesting that the LAUSD change the size and design of the school planned on the 9A site (where dozens of homes had been destroyed). But the city rolled over, and LAUSD triumphed. The street closes tomorrow, but the size of the school essentially remains the same. Eastsider LA has more. [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD: A report from our friends in Hollywood. "The Jefferson on Highland, just north of Hollywood is moving along quickly. Some framing is going up to fourth and fifth floors (out of a total of six). Got signs? Madame Tussaud's has a sign and exterior bldg. work is nearing completion. Most of the glass is going in. Courtyard stairs are framed and all that.Not sure if it is hideous, but certainly not rather lovely." [Curbed InBox]