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New To Market: Schindler's Other DeKeyser For Sale

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Wow, there are a LOT of Schindlers on the market. The Van Dekker Residence in Woodland Hills. The How House in Silver Lake. The Purviance House is still for rent in Silver Lake. And the Buck House is also for rent - now reduced. It's like LA is having a Schindler-themed going out of business sale. EVERYTHING MUST GO! Add another home designed by architect R.M. Schindler to the mix. Not yet on the MLS, Schindler's treehouse duplex, the DeKeyser near Highland Ave, is on the market. This isn't the JOHN DeKeyser duplex sold three years ago (after multiple price reductions it finally received multiple offers and closed at $1 million). This is the PETER DeKeyser duplex next door, built by John's brother.

Confused yet? According to broker Brian Linder, Schindler worked on both DeKeyser duplexes as well as Frank Lloyd Wright's Freeman House next door. "Lore has it that he was having an affair with Mrs. Freeman while working on the project, and he even built an apartment for himself (which is still intact) on the lower level of the Freemen House." But we digress.

After working on the Freeman House, John DeKeyser hired Schindler to work on his "Double Residence" completed in 1935. Around the same time, Peter hired Schindler to renovate his 1920s-era bungalow, situated between the Freeman house and his brother's duplex.

Like the John DeKeyser duplex, this one has many of the same challenges. The house is only accessible by foot (no driveway, no garage, no parking) for one. With no parking on Highland, occupants have to park on Glencoe and trudge down the path to the duplex. Also, since the site is land-locked, there's no possibility of building a driveway unless the owner also buys an adjacent parcel.

And its proximity to the Freeman House means owners will need to bear with the ongoing restoration which has no end in sight. So it takes a true Schindler fan to want to live there. On a more positive note, the duplex was recently renovated, and the upper two-bedroom, one bath has continuous hardwood decks and french doors that open to the views. It also have new finishes, fixtures and appliances. The lower apartment has "rich wood paneling, a working fireplace and its own private patio." Asking price: $795,000.
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