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Measure R Tax: Arriving Tomorrow!

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The piper is coming to get paid: The half-percent increase in our sales tax that will fund Measure R, which provides tens of billions for additional transit lines and freeway improvements, begins tomorrow. LA County residents will now pay a 9.75 percent sales tax. According to the Daily News, "Voters had approved Measure R several months before Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger imposed a 1 percent state sales tax - which began April 1 and will expire in 2011 - to help whittle down California's $24 billion dollar deficit." Here's how it may affect some sample purchases: "The additional half-percent sales tax means an extra penny for a $3.25 medium-sized Starbucks latte. It means an extra $7.50 for a $1,500 plasma TV with a 50-inch screen. It adds $96 to the price tag of a basic Mini Cooper car selling for $19,200." You have less than 24 hours to make all your big purchases, so get a move on. [Daily News]