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Santa Monica to Fancify More Parking Structures

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[Via OmarOmar]

Santa Monica has a history of spending a lot of time and energy on its public garages, so this news isn't particularly surprising: The City Council's latest scheme, which is expected to be approved at tonight's meeting, is to make over two of the city's shortest lots, Lot Six at Second Street near Santa Monica and Lot One at Fourth Street near Wilshire, reports the Santa Monica Daily Press. But there's no swanky architecture firm like Pugh + Scarpa or Moore Ruble Yudell attached to the project; Morley Construction will handle the architecture, engineering, and building. The structures will be demolished and rebuilt in succession (to maximize available parking), and the new buildings rising from the ashes will have up to 250 more parking spaces each. But how could the anti-car crowd complain? The plan includes bicycle storage and ground floor retail, which the City Council assures will "activate the sidewalk." And the new structures will be powered by increasingly de rigueur solar panels, which is totally green.
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