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New to Market: Craig Ellwood on Beverly Glen

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Ever since reading that architect Craig Ellwood was considered the Cary Grant of architecture ("Married to a movie star, his second wife, and driving Ferraris and Lambourghinis, he was as stylish as his architecture"), we perk up when an Ellwood hits the market. Enter stage left: 909 N. Beverly Glen. "Craig Ellwood's 1949 Broughton House is a bold precursor of his Case Study designs. Modular construction and Miesian styled steel beams support curtain windows that draw light and afford hillside views. Two bedrooms and a bathroom on main level and third bed and bath below adjacent to car port. " Crosby Doe has the listing for the roughly 1,660 square foot home (it looks it's not yet on the Guest portion of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and the owners are asking $885,000. This Ellwood joins that other Ellwood home hanging around Brentwood.
· Crosby Doe [Official Site]