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ConstructionWatch: Pico and La Cienega's Latest

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Call us jaded, all these apartment complexes are starting to look alike. By 2020, will the city look like one giant creamsicle of mid-level apartment complexes? Perhaps this one rising at 8525 Pico Bvld will manage to break through the banality and actually look interesting in the end. According to the flier, this project was developed by Fred Kimabakhsh and designed by local firm Plus Architect (that's per planning documents, so perhaps the architect changed). A 39-unit apartment building with 7,500 square feet of retail and 38 parking spots (in the rear and subterranean), this one is supposed to be done by 2010 (assuming there are no delays). Download the flier here.
· 8525 Pico Blvd [Google Maps]