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Rolling On the River

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The L.A. Creek Freak blog reports on yesterday's groundbreaking ceremony for the Elysian Valley portion of the Los Angeles River Bike Path, which will run along the river from Fletcher Drive to Barclay Street, extending the existing Glendale Narrows path. The project has been held up for ten years, mostly in securing 66 right-of-way easements. Cyclists are happy, of course, but this is good news for river conservationists, too. The new bike path should be ready to go in early 2010, and is only Phase 1C for the Los Angeles River bike path, future plans include a Valley section, as explained by L.A. Creek Freak. There's more on yesterday's events from City Councilmember Ed Reyes's blog. [Photo via L.A. Creek Freak] [L.A. Creek Freak]