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Rent Check: "Cozy Craftsman" In Glassell Park

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This one-bedroom, one-bath cottage in Glassell Park has caused a deep rift at Curbed HQ. We can't seem to agree on whether it's fairly priced or not. It's yet another issue we might have to politely agree to disagree on. Like our feelings about LA's billboard regulations. And our antipathy towards Michael Bay movies. (These are just the arguments we've had today). But on to the listing. Located in Glassell Park (or maybe Mt. Washington, yet another thing we can't agree on today), the cottage features original windows, laundry hook-ups, natural light, and a small side yard. There's also a parking space included. The monthly rent is $1,495 which we think might be somewhat overpriced for the location, but what really annoys us is the additional costs. Pet deposit is $250, which is pretty standard. Tenants can also rent an additional parking space for an extra $50 per month, and extra storage costs $100 per month. Kind of nickel and diming, no? At least the security deposit is just one month's rent.
· $1495 cozy craftsman home on gorgeous property [Craigslist]