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Rent Check: Serving Charlie Chaplin's Needs in WeHo

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A reader writes: "Was perusing today's listing of Broker Open houses and came across two curious "For Lease" open houses at the Patio Del Moro apartments on Fountain Ave in WeHo supposedly leased / occupied by Charlie Chaplin and "his lover" Paulette Goddard." Lord knows Chaplin lived in many, many apartments in Los Angeles, but the interesting things about these listings, which are adjoining, are 1. They're fully furnished. 2. According to the listing, the unique entryways in the 1925 building had "multiple entrances and exits that would serve Chaplin’s needs to visit his then mistress Paulette Goddard who occupied the adjoining also two story apartments." The Chaplin unit, a three-bedroom, is listed for $4,500. Blogger Ugly Angel also has covered this building, noting that "pink Moorish-fortress"-like building was frequented by Joan Fontaine, Humphrey Bogart, and Suzanne Pleshette.
· 8235 Fountain Avenue [Redfin]