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PriceChopper: Randolph Duke Residence Drops Again

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Back in December, fashion designer Randolph Duke put his Hollywood Hills home on the market with a hefty $8.25 million price tag. The house, designed by XTEN Architecture and profiled in Architectural Digest, features three bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths on three levels in an open floor plan. According to the Real Estalker, "the master bedroom, which occupies the entire top floor, has only beaded curtains as visual (and auditory) barriers between the sleeping chambers and the stair well to the lower floors." The house also has a pool and spa, and multiple cantilevered terraces. Duke bought the land in June of 2004 for $2.25 million before commissioning XTEN to build him his dream house/office/showroom/party space. Six months later, the house is still unsold, and after one PriceChop (it dropped to $7.85 million in February) the new asking price is $6.5 million. Take the whole bedazzling tour here.
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