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Updated: LA Times' Great Map Project Is Refreshed

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The Los Angeles Times has updated its Great Map Experiment of 2009, the paper's attempt to definitely mark the city's 113 neighborhoods. Via the paper: "In February, we posted first draft of the map on, inviting users to send us comments. We received more than 1,500. Today, we're posting an updated map, revised in nearly 100 ways." When the first map launched, here's what bloggers said about the boundaries. Updates follow.

--Tasha of the Blackburn & Sweetzer blog reports the Times is calling her neighborhood Fairfax: "I’ve always identified my specific area as West 3rd. UPDATE: Well, too bad, Tasha. Still looks like your neighborhood is now called Beverly Grove.*

--York Blvd: "Apparently, we’ve also subsumed Eagle Rock High School and the Eagle Rock Post Office. UPDATE: Yes, changed.Eagle Rock High School is back in Eagle Rock after initially being placed in Highland Park. Go, Eagles!

--View from a Loft: "Wait! There's no Arts District on that list? Bring out the lit torches and barking dogs. A neighborhood has gone missing!" UPDATE: Outta luck, hippies. Still no Arts District.

Meanwhile, if you ever wanted to know what the boundaries of the nebulous West LA neighborhood, here's how the LA Times defines them. West LA: Bounded by Sepuleveda and Beverly Glenn, and Santa Monica Blvd and W. Pico.
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