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Food Fight at City Council! And La Brea Willoughby Project Approved*

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The La Brea Willoughby project, that 7-story, 219-unit apartment development proposed for the corner of La Brea and Willoughby (with a minimum of 40,000 square feet of commercial space) was approved by the City Council today. And there was plenty of drama! A reader, who supported the project (some neighbors thought it was too big), reports: "I know this seems like it keeps going on, but the LA City Council finally approved this project after a VERY contentious meeting. Police had to "escort" some old codger out who was yelling and screaming.

One unexpectedly good thing did change...the developer agreed to designate 20 units as senior affordable housing. On a side note, is Council Member Hahn is an idiot? After the planning dept's long overview of the project including the countless community meetings, Hahn suggested that "maybe we should talk about it a little more and see if we can make everyone happy (paraphrasing)...she has embarrassing communication skills. Weiss called her on it and sort of humiliated her. Anyways...YEA!!!! Bristol Farms coming to my neighborhood!" The Los Angeles Times has more on the scuffle between City Council members. Here's what departing City Council member Jack Weiss said to the rest of the council: “When this becomes a food fight in here, you might feel good about yourselves, you might like the quote that you utter at that moment, but you demean the public process of this city."

UPDATE: Meanwhile, other observers are calling it differently. Via the LA Times comments page: "Hahn bitch-slapped Weiss and it was a thing of BEAUTY. But any residents who got out to city hall today should have mobilized the vote against Weiss the LAST time he ran for City Council. Forgot about his more recent failed campaign for City Attorney."

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