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CurbedWire: Roof Work at Barn Lofts, Beverly Hills Abandonment?

ARTS DISTRICT: It was back in March that it was clear that Barn Lofts at 940 East 2nd Street needed a new roof. Well, it seems roof work is on--and has been for at least the last couple weeks, if not longer. The building, which once was used as a storage facility for sugarcane and sugar beets, will eventually hold 38 condos (the building is planned as condos). [Curbed Staff]

BEVERLY HILLS: Who doesn't have abandonment issues? Via the InBox: "What's going on with the construction site in Beverly Hills on Alden Dr. between Maple and Foothill? We heard it was supposed to be a Jewish temple. There was construction going on for about a year, and then it stopped about two years ago. Here's a map." [Curbed InBox]