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Know Your Local "Thriller" Film Sites

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Image on right via I Am Not A Stalker; left via

You could mourn Michael Jackson at his (and another Michael Jackson's) star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or you could celebrate his career by getting all your friends together to reenact the "Thriller" music video. Director John Landis shot the short film's iconic dance number in Boyle Heights in 1983 on the 3600 block of Union Pacific Avenue. The View From a Loft blog has a thorough collection of "Thriller" dance tribute videos, starring Philippine prisoners, LEGOs, Jennifer Garner, and more, if you want to get inspired and brush up on your funky zombie moves. If you're not much of a dancer, you can tease your date outside the Palace Theatre downtown, where the early movie theater scenes were filmed, or chase that date into the (probably not abandoned) house in Angelino Heights used at the end of the video.
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