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Dwell Home Tours: Standard Architecture's Hidden House

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Curbed attended Dwell on Design's East Side House tour this past weekend (ok, we made it to five out of six before we ran out of steam) to see the residential work of local architects such as Standard Architecture, Barbara Bestor, Tom Marble and others. First up, Silver Lake-based Standard Architecture's Hidden House in Glassell Park. Located down a winding dirt road on a 7-acre sit in a hidden canyon, the Hidden House was built for a filmmaker and TV writer couple. According to the architects, they assumed the city would find the site problematic for new construction since it is so removed from the street. As a result, they kept the existing two bedroom house (or at least, its bones) and incorporated it into the larger house they built.

Standard built a new kitchen, family room, office, garage and bedrooms, doubling the footprint from 1,580 square feet to 3,000. The house also features several sustainable materials, including reclaimed end grain block wood flooring that we loved. Seriously, best floors of the day. The architects also designed the house for cross-ventilation - we visited on a day it was nearly 90 degrees and noticed the house was cool and comfortable. According to Jeff Allsbrook, a principal at Standard, the owners may still add extra bedrooms to the house.
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