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CurbedWire: Dragonflys in Montecito Heights, Fish Farms in Silver Lake

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MONTECITO HEIGHTS: While not sure what street this big guy lives, we do know that the people who live here run a sculpture business. Notes the Montecito Heights blog, which also has been watching the bug: "The best addition to the piece is the disco ball for the eye. The light reflections make it perfectly eerie." [Curbed Staff]

SILVER LAKE: Silver Lake architecture/art studio Materials & Applications has announced "Back to Basics," their latest installation to grace the courtyard of the space on Silver Lake Boulevard. Via the press release: "The fish farm is an experiment in urban aquaculture, one that recycled the remnant sunken base, or "dance floor", of Eddy Sykes' Yakuza Lou exhibition in the M&A courtyard, by turning it into the basin for a fish farm." More from the web site.