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Gays & Preservation

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Here's some insight into why gays are so good at kicking off neighborhood gentrification. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has launched a microsite chronicling the gay, lesbian, bi and transgender influence on America's neighborhoods, a site which includes a big article on the gay passion to preserve. It has tips for cities that want to encourage redos of down and out neighborhoods. Here's a fun one: "Recognize and support the natural collaboration of straight women and gay men – the dynamic duo of historic preservation." The article's author found five traits that typify gay preservationists, including domophilia (the love of domesticity) and gender atypicality (a blend of masculine and feminine sensibilities). And of course, there's "11 Significant LGBT Sites You May Have Never Heard Of." On the list: Director George Cukor's Brentwood mansion (pictured), which, by the looks of the photo, came with a pool with requisite rainbow at the bottom. Cukor threw huge soirees at the house that competed with the nearby fetes thrown by Cole Porter. LGBT Heritage in Preservation [NTHP]