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Pump Down! Morning Hollywood Construction Drama

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Sending in the following photos, a reader writes: "Morning drama in front of The Hollywood, someone does NOT have the right progression gone wrong on McCaden St." According to LAFD spokesperson Brian Humphrey, a concrete* pump truck overturned this morning in Hollywood (that looks to be the Jefferson at Hollywood construction site on the right). The call came in to LAFD at about 7 am, and while there were no injuries, as many as 50 gallons of diesel fuel spilled in the area. What's a pumping truck, you ask? Pumping trucks are used to get concrete into the building (the concrete arrives via a giant straw-like structure). Photo of a truck here. Back in the day, the process of delivering the concrete "used to be done by wheelbarrow," Humphrey reminds us. Surely there were a few wheelbarrow accidents, too.