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Rent Check: Cottage In Echo Park

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We wish there were more pictures of the interior of this two bedroom, one bath cottage in Echo Park for rent. The listing boasts that the house is "eco-friendly" but doesn't explain how or why. The house features new bamboo floors in the bedrooms, living and dining rooms, new kitchen appliances, a tankless water heater and a washer/dryer. The front yard has a flower bed and herb garden, while the back has a built in BBQ and tangerine and avocado trees. The house also features "an ADT security system... for added comfort." If tangerine trees are the upside, the big downside may be its proximity to Alvarado and that new LAUSD school that has overtaken Marathon. Monthly rent: $1,900 plus a security deposit of $3,000. The landlord requires an extra deposit for pets.
· $1990 / 2br - Beautiful House by Sunset/Alvarado (Echo Park/Silverlake) [Craigslist]