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How 'Bout Reading Some Blogs, Angelo?

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Connie Bruck's New Yorker profile of Countrywide's Angelo Mozilo is only available to magazine subscribers, but here's the bit that shows how Angelo is holding up these days: "These days, Mozilo, who is seventy, spends most of his time at home, in a large Spanish-style in a guarded gated community at the Sherwood Country Club, near the golf course where Countrywide used to co-sponsor the Target World Challenge with Tiger Woods. Mozilo’s world has become more circumscribed. The former news junkie is so angered by the media’s coverage of him that he has given up the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal, and reads only the Financial Times. The ranks of his friends have thinned and some who remain tell him that they nearly get into fights defending him. He has received numerous death threats. Mozilo has aged considerably and he no longer flashes what a former employee described as his "ten-thousand-watt smile.'" More analysis of the piece (and on Mozilo's tendency to tan) from New York, while Reuters weighs in on the article's mention of regulator-shopping. Additionally, the New Yorker's Bruck did a Q and A with readers about the article.[New Yorker, photo courtesy of]