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CurbedWire: Studio City Zebra, 655 Hope Done Mid-July

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STUDIO CITY: A reader, who may be a lion, was quick to notice some wild zebra in the Valley. "Check out this house in the Dona's. I know it's the Valley, and actually reasonably priced for the moment, but the zebra skin carpeting is out of this world." A lot going on. It's a four-bedroom that's listed at $1.389 million.[Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: There was some excitement two months ago when 655 Hope, that downtown office building turned 80-unit condo aka the Emerald Palace, opened its doors to tours. So what's been happening since? According to the sales team, the common areas--gym, etc--are still finishing construction. The whole building is supposed to finally be done by mid-July. Given all the delays on this project, let's hope that's true. We are also told they are signing "tons" of contracts over there. [Curbed Staff]