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Silver Lake Unabomber Shack Boomerangs Back

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Remember that $399,000 unabomber shack real estate agent Ken Shapiro tried to unload? It's back. Via his latest email: "It was bought immediately at that time (no big surprise), but it just fell out of escrow yesterday as the buyer couldn’t perform financially. It is a short sale but the bank has approved the price of $399,000. If I end up putting it on the market there will be a bidding war and the price will be driven up to around $450,000. So, what I am doing is giving ‘first right of refusal’ to my own client data base before putting it back on the multiple listing service in the hopes that one of you will buy it and avoid a bidding war and get it for the $399,000 that the bank is willing to sell it for." No big surprise, people. NO BIG SURPRISE.