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On the Racked: Zara Openings in Hollywood, Holy Grail Check, Ocean Park's Kulturas Shuttered

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The latest news from our street-obsessed sister Racked LA....

HOLLYWOOD: Racked spotted 'Now Hiring' plywood at 6904 Hollywood Boulevard, and after a little bit of digging, discovered the shop had planned to hold recruiting events over the past week. Doesn't sound like there's an opening date for this Hollywood Blvd one, or the planned Zara at the Fairfax and West 3rd Farmer's Market.

DOWNTOWN: Post-Lakers looting, downtown sneaker shop The Holy Grail gets a check-in by the Los Angeles Times and KTLA. Here's co-owner Liz Sanchez, talking about running into the hooligans in daylight hours. "The thing that's gonna be awkward is the people that looted, they could come back here and I won't even know if they did it or not," she tells KTLA news.

SANTA MONICA: Picking up a story by the Santa Monica Daily Press, Racked passed on word of the death of Ocean Park's KULTURAs bookstore, which will be shutting its doors on July 20. "The business, which originated in 1989 in Washington DC, relocated to Santa Monica three years ago—just in time for the economy to begin its slide." Tough timing.
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