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CurbedWire: Echo Park Building Gives Birth, Sunset Slalom Course Update

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ECHO PARK: All this time, you might have thought the tagged-up Echo Park development at 1478 West Sunset Boulevard that was brutally and repeatedly assaulted by taggers was just one building. Oh no. It's two. Might we see a third? [Curbed Staff]

SUNSET BLVD: It was way back in February 2008 that a reader sent in a rant about those 2''-3" potholes caused when roads are repaved and the manhole covers are left at their current sub-surface level. As he noted, Sunset on either side of Fairfax has long been a slalom course since cars have to try and avoid the holes. Well, an update from the same reader. Yesterday via the Inbox: "Just wanted to give you an update, here it is a mere 16 months later and they've just now done whatever magic they do to get the cover up to street level. The depression in question was in the eastbound lane of Sunset right in front of the Directors Guild." [Curbed InBox]