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Pasadena's Inter-Con: Evil Parking Bots or Just Doing their Job?

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It's hard to know whether Pasadena's parking rules or Inter-Con Security, the parking enforcement company hired by the city, is more loathed by residents. Either way, the city renewed its contract with the controversial company. Via the Pasadena Star News, some of the backstory of Inter-Con Security: "Michael Hawkins, who owns the Green Street Restaurant, said he has had problems with Inter-Con. He recounted how a parking enforcement officer caused trouble for a vendor delivering cases of wine to his restaurant. 'The guy walks up and tells him he has three minutes to move 40 cases of wine,' said Hawkins. 'We've been in business over 26 years and never been harassed this way.' In a letter to the council, Steve Mulheim, president of the Old Pasadena Management District, said he had received numerous customer complaints about officers, describing them as 'aggressive,' 'rude,' and 'disrespectful.'" And the Star News recounts the story of a Pasadena resident who was ticketed for breaking the two-hour parking restriction, a familiar story since a Curbed reader wrote in to share a similar experience. The resident moved her car after the two-hour period to another two-hour parking spot but was still ticketed. Meanwhile, City Council members said they had heard complaints about ticketing as well, but the complaints were directed at the city's parking policies. Meanwhile, here's Inter-Con's web site. They mean business!
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