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WeHo's Last Community Garden Bites the Dust

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Not long after West Hollywood became an incorporated city 25 years ago, its first community garden sprouted at San Vicente Boulevard and Norwich Avenue. The garden still produces squashes and tomatoes, but not for long—an eviction notice was recently handed down that orders the closure of the garden by August 30. Apparently the private owners of the land leased the space to the city since 1984, but they are selling the land, reports the WeHo News. West Hollywood received an offer the buy the land for $1.05 million but turned it down. The Norwich garden was WeHo's last community garden (two other plots were given the heave-ho). Says Deborah Attoinese to the WeHo News: "I took my garden to mend a broken heart. The soil literally took the tears rolling down my face as I dug deep into the tough clay soil and it transformed my pain into something beautiful, tangible and yes, even edible." Hope is not gone for veg-heads, the newspaper reports that the city has begun negotiations with owners of local vacant lots to create new gardens. [Photos by WeHo News staff]
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