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LA Architects Making the World Better: INABA's Pool Noodles Roof

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LA Architects Making the World Better is our irregularly scheduled look at projects around the globe designed by LA-based architects. Want your work showcased? Email us.

2009-06-inabaWe'll admit we love it when architects get creative with materials. We've seen furniture made from recycled toys, structures composed from blobs, and desks constructed from cardboard. But this is first time we've seen a rooftop comprised of foam flotation devices. LA-based architecture firm INABA has built its Pool Noodle Rooftop atop a building in Chelsea. The rooftop space, used for film screening and special events, is open to the public daily this summer. The pool noodles have been cut and arranged vertically into seating areas and ottomans. The architect might be overreaching a little with this flourish: " When viewed from above, the arrangement of buoyant seating material spells out the word, ‘bububluooopppp’ – the sound of something either rising or sinking." When summer ends, the furniture will be donated for reuse to local community organizations.
· Noodling in Chelsea [Archinect]