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Neighborhood Wants out of Van Nuys

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The Daily News' Rick Orlov reports that Sherman Oaks may take adopt a chunk of Van Nuys, a move supported by the 1,855 residents living in the area around Hazeltine Avenue and Sepulveda, Burbank and Oxnard boulevards. . "In one of her last actions representing the Second Council District, Councilwoman Wendy Greuel said Monday she supports allowing a portion of Van Nuys to adopt the name Sherman Oaks, which it now abuts...Residents say they are more closely aligned with Sherman Oaks instead of Van Nuys, with their children going to Sherman Oaks schools and most of their business in Sherman Oaks." What's this going to do to property values? Meanwhile, Don Schultz of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council calls the move "disgusting," and points out Van Nuys previously lost Valley Glen and Lake Balboa. "Pretty soon, there will be nothing left of Van Nuys," Schultz tells the paper. Image of Van Nuys via Flight Adventures [Daily News]