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New To Market: Beachwood Canyon Storybook-Style Home

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Actually, we'll admit we're not really sure what style home this four-bedroom, four-bath house is. If this house, built in 1928, was part of the Hollywoodland development, there were only four approved architectural styles at the time: French Normandy, English Tudor, Mediterranean revival, and Spanish revival. Maybe it's the garage door that's throwing us off. Or the 1950's diner-style banquette in the kitchen. The listing isn't particularly helpful at helping us divine the house's provenance. It notes the house was built by "local architect Arthur Bone" but we're not familiar with him. The listing is more interested in marketing the house as both a "perfectly secluded retreat" as well as a "hub of activity for entertaining family and friends" anyway. It also claims the house "allows you to live your life on your own terms." It's real estate as self-actualization! Someone should let Oprah know we don't need her anymore. We just need this $1.495 million home. The house is 2,876 square feet, or $520 per square foot.
· 2789 Westshire Dr Hollywood, CA 90068 [Redfin]