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Rent Check: Neutra In Sherman Oaks?

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These days, it seems newest Craigslist scam doesn't involve free rent in exchange for nude housekeeping, or ads for exotic massage. These days, it's all about attaching a well-known architect to an unknown property. A couple of faux-Frank Lloyd Wrights. Claiming Lautner designed your converted office building when he was just 14. Today we come across this listing for a three-bedroom "amazing one of a kind home" in Sherman Oaks. The listing claims "it was designed by the well known architect Richard Neutra whose signature style was to join the outdoors with one’s living space using glass and flagstone." Yet we haven't been able to uncover any Neutra buildings in Sherman Oaks other than the Kester Avenue Elementary School. So we have our doubts. The house is available furnished or unfurnished and includes a pool, laundry, and central air. Monthly rent: $4,000.
· $4000 / 3br - Fantastic House in Upscale Neighborhood [Craigslist]