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Fore! Holes Coming to Westchester

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Typically, golf courses feature games of nine, 18, or 27 holes, but for years, the Westchester Golf Course has offered only 15. That's because the last three holes were lopped off to build the Westchester Parkway two decades ago, but now LAX's Board of Airport Commissioners had decided to move forward with restoring the greens. The Argonaut first reported on the missing holes last fall, and now it looks like there's movement to get the course fixed. Westchester Golf Partners, owners of the course, will have a 10-year lease (that can be extended by 20 years), that stipulates the three-hole project must be completed within 180 days of environmental clearance and approvals. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Los Angeles World Airports, which owns and operates LAX, has completed the environmental study and already submitted it to the FAA. A press release from City Council Bill Rosendahl's office notes that the expanded golf course will become part of a larger LAX northside area development that includes parks, soccer fields, and a revitalized downtown Westchester. [LA Times]