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CurbedWire: Downtown's 707 Wilshire Unveiled

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DOWNTOWN: Since it's all about streetscaping and less about renderings these days, this seems worth pointing out: It was back in spring 2008 that scaffolding went up around the base of 707 Wilshire, the 62-story skyscraper designed by Charles Luckman. And now the Johnson Fain-designed project is complete. In addition to the glass curtain walls, there's a 3,000-square foot canopied West Lobby Garden Atrium and a new Garden Café. We liked the exterior benches and the AON building feels far now more inviting from the street. Nice, friendly building. In addition to this project, Johnson Fain did the lobby work at the 5900 Wilshire, and the "bullet"-like architectural features that hold the edges of the glass together are recognizable in each project. Surely there's some fancy name for that type of work. [Curbed Staff]