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Curbed Inside: Touring Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House

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On a rainy weekend morning, Curbed toured the 4,000-square foot main building of Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House in Los Feliz with Cindy Olnick, the LA Conservancy's director of communications. The house is now on the market for $15 million. While the initial stabilization work has been completed, much still needs to be done to restore the residence. Above, photos from the interior of the house, including some close-ups of the damage wrought by previous efforts to weatherproof the concrete. Ironically, the protective coating used by a previous owner had the unintended effect of sealing in moisture, further damaging the prematurely decaying concrete blocks. Yet much of the original design including the kitchen, and the leaded glass windows (not all were designed by Wright), remains. The Conservancy believes the house requires an additional $5-7 million to finish the restoration project, as well as fund ongoing maintenance. The listing is now live at broker's Hilton & Hyland site. Meanwhile, in addition to the main house, there are also chauffeur's quarters, which are separated from the house by the motor court.
· 2601 Glendower Los Feliz | Los Angeles, CA 90027 [Hilton & Hyland]

Ennis House

2607 Glendower Ave., Los Angeles, CA