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Will Hollywood's New Target Get You Out of the Car?

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Reader Miss Teresa, a commenter who always seems to have some good insight into local development, passes on some news concerning that three-story Target that's proposed for Sunset Blvd and Western Avenue. She writes: "Buried in the attached Planning Commission agenda [meeting tomorrow] is an interesting item about a proposed Target store in Hollywood. Apparently, the Specific Plan requires any large retail to offer free delivery service for any customers who live within the area. This is to encourage biking, walking, and bus riding to the store to cut down on traffic. Target is asking for relief from this requirement, and they want to park beyond Specific Plan maximums. Wouldn't free delivery from Target be a great thing? What an urban concept! If I could get free delivery from Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or the Farmers Market, I might never drive again." The "Specific Plan" referenced is the Vermont-Western District Specific Plan, the rough boundaries of the neighborhood which can be downloaded here, but it's not clear where it would be extended.Meanwhile, looking over the submitted project, it's still not a done deal: One issue looks to be size. The store is asking to "allow a maximum building height of 80 feet above grade in lieu of the maximum permitted building height of 35 feet."
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