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New Pasadena Digs for KPCC

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The broadcast offices of 89.3 KPCC--the Southern California Public Radio station that serves LA and OC--is movin' on up to the west side of Pasadena, close to Central Park and the Del Mar Gold Line stop. Blogger Brigham Yen has details on the $27 million upgrade that will transport KPCC personalities like Sandra Tsing Loh and Patt Morrison from the old studios at Pasadena City College to the new space at 474 South Raymond Avenue: "...a new larger space was needed to stay abreast with the changing technological times. In addition, according to SCPR president and CEO, Bill Davis, 'We’re looking to add a forum (building), a place to hold Town Hall meetings, ‘meet the candidate’ meetings, live programs with Larry Mantle and Patt Morrison.' The new facility will be large enough to accommodate the 'broadcasting and administrative staff and all the studios.'” KPCC's new HQ will make use of an abandoned office building and attach it to a brand-new wing that will rise on an adjacent empty lot. [Brigham Yen]