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MacArthur Park Dust Bowl Looking A Tad Greener

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Would you recognize the above as MacArthur Park? Ground broke back in October 2008 on a new soccer field for the north side of the park, an area that was known more for being a giant dust bowl for soccer players (hack, hack) than a pleasant place to visit. Fenced off while final improvements are finished, this portion of the park will re-open by late July or early August. Work on the 37,000-square foot area included adding a synthetic field, a new playground, lighting, and seating. Now the soccer players, who had to re-locate to places like Vista Hermosa Park or had stopped playing together, according to an older Los Angeles Times story (no link), can return.
· MacArthur Park To Get A Little Less Dusty [Curbed LA]

MacArthur Park

2230 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90057