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Sawtelle's Soho Square Stays Condo, Opens Its Doors

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In March, developer Peter Wilson of local firm Wellesley Manor said he'd wait and look at the market before deciding whether to open Soho Square, a 94-unit project at 1700 Sawtelle as rentals or condos. Well, Mr. Wilson has looked around the market and decided to go...condo. Brave man. The project, which joins the nearly completed The Exposition at 11330 Exposition Blvd and the forthcoming T-Lofts at 11500 Tennessee Ave in terms of new condo construction, officially opens this weekend. There are 22 live/works and 72 condo spaces: In the gallery is a 1,400 square live/work and an 1,100 square foot condo. The prices vary, but overall, the live/work units start at $549,000 and the condos start at $399,000. And you can look at the furnished model via the official web site. In terms of competition, Mr. Wilson told us: "Where can you get new construction at these prices on the Westside?" Indeed, the biggest competition may be those other new Sawtelle-area projects.
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