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New to Market: Buff + Hensman in Beverly Hills

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According to Redfin, that Mt. Washington Buff & Hensman that had everyone atwitter a few months back sold in May for $575,000. It was listed at $595,00. Stepping in to fill the Buff & Hensman slot is another one: A three-bedroom, three-bath home on Claridge Drive that's listed at $1.895 million. More pertinent details via the listing: "A gallery for art & books overlooks this space from the second floor and joins the master bedroom with its bath. 2 guest bedrooms and baths, two 1-car garages, entertaining/dining deck with tree-framed city views." Invite us over to check out that pool.
· Bingham House -- Buff + Hensman, Architects [Deasy/Penner]
· 1455 CLARIDGE Dr [Redfin]