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Beverly Hills Hilton Expansion Story Refuses to Die

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This is the story that won't go away: The Los Angeles Times' Martha Groves reports that the group that opposed the expansion of the Beverly Hills Hilton now says a "five-month investigation has uncovered more than 550 instances of voting irregularities" in connection with last fall's vote on the expansion. While he declined to present Groves with his findings, Larry Larson, treasurer of the Citizens Right to Decide Committee, told the paper he'll send on evidence of the "fraudulent voting" to California Attorney General Jerry Brown and Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley. Let's recap the nuttiness that has been the Beverly Hills Hilton story: This latest episode follows: 1. A tedious vote count process, 2. Allegations of advertising mistruths, 3. Allegations of buying votes with free booze, 4. Ah, the best one: Allegations of sign tampering, and of course, 5. A lengthy battle to get the expansion up for a vote. [LA Times]