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Rent Check: Schindler's Buck House For Lease

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Not yet listed on the MLS, we learn that architect Rudolph Schindler's 1934 Buck House is for rent. According to the MAK Center's guide to Schindler buildings in LA, the buck house is one of the projects most closely tied to the International Style. Like his own home, the Buck House is built on a flat lot, with flat roofs above a strip clerestory windows that allow light in. The Buck House actually have two separate residences, with a one-bedroom apartment that sits on top (and is not for lease). The wood frame and stucco house is laid out as two L-shapes that interlock and frame a patio. While there's been some remodeling (a new kitchen was added, a bedroom was opened up to the breakfast room, a shading device overhangs the porch), the dining room built-ins are still intact, as is most of the original design. The monthly rent for this two-bedroom, two bath house: $5,000. [Photo courtesy of arcspace]
· Buck House [arcspace]