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Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House Hits the Market

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[Fifth and sixth photos via Tim Street-Porter]
For almost two years now, we've been eagerly awaiting the return of Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House to the public domain. After a costly renovation, due to extensive damage from the Northridge Quake and rain, the Ennis House Foundation was said to be working on a plan that allowed public access to the house, a la the Hollyhock House. (Meanwhile, repairs on FLW's USC-owned Freeman House lingers on). One rumor pointed to anti-Ennis NIMBYs who feared opening the house to the public would increase traffic, and who lobbied for the sale of the house to a private owner. Well rejoice, crotchety neighbors. The house has hit the market for $15 million. Via Reuters, president of the Ennis House Foundation, James DeMeo, points to the economy as one reason the house has been put on the market: "Our goal has always been to be a good steward of the house. We've made a lot of progress, but at this point a private owner with the right vision and sufficient resources can better preserve the house than we can as a small nonprofit." The last time the house was privately owned, the owners donated the house to a public trust in 1980. According to the LA Times, the new owner would need an additional "$5 million to $7 million to return the house to its former grandeur, atop $6.5 million the foundation has already invested to stabilize the property and begin restoration."

The Ennis House was the last and largest of FLW's textile block houses (which includes the Hollyhock, the Storer House, the Freeman House and La Miniatura, which is still on the market for $7.733 million). If you have your heart set on a Frank Lloyd Wright home and these are too spendy, there's also one for sale in Arcadia, Arizona for $3.995 million and the $2.7 million Fawcett House in Los Banos for sale.

And photos of the 1924 home being built via the Ennis House foundation:

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Ennis House

2607 Glendower Ave., Los Angeles, CA